Where are Able Archer Bags made?

Able Archer bags and pouches are produced in Asia in small batches by a licensed Singaporean Military Contractor. They were designed and developed in downtown NYC.


Are Able Archer bags camera bags?

They can be. Able Archer bags are designed to be multi-purpose. They can be suited for travel, photo, art, music, writing, gym, office, zombie survival, or Hair & make-up and countless other things people need tough functional bags for. We make pouches that make our bags great for cameras and lenses, but they can also be used for bottles, umbrellas or spray paint. We make bags for people who go places and do things, including photography.



Classic Organic materials like canvas wear in. Modern synthetic materials like Nylon wear out. Able Archer bags are meant to break in like a pair of jeans, revealing character over time while maintaining the high-tech functionality safely within. Like vintage Army/Navy surplus bags, Our bags are meant to stand the test of time, to endure a generation or two versus being thrown out after a couple of hard seasons.


Why no velcro?

Velcro also wears out over time, gets dirty (and ineffective) easily and is noisy when applying and reapplying. We use time-tested Mil-Spec snaps that are quiet, tough, and stay effective for decades.


What is your return policy?

You can find our policies here. We replace any clear defects on our part and cover premature wear on a case by case basis (our customers do some pretty extreme things)


Where are your bags sold?

Currently we sell direct and at K&M Camera in downtown NYC.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world, just choose the appropriate shipping option at checkout.